Don McCune Library

Letters from Customers

I thought you would be pleased to learn how well received Don's material [transcriptions of Exploration Northwest programs] continues to be among our readers.  According to the reader survey, it is one of the most widely read items in Nor'westing.

-- Chuck Gould, Editor of Nor'westing Boating magazine

I remember meeting Don at a radio promotional event several years ago.  A kid fascinated with Seattle history, I must have asked him 50 questions and had him sign nearly as many autographs for my friends.  I'm sure I was extremely annoying.  But Don was so patient and kind to me, taking time to answer each of my questions. He was a real standout guy.
-- Casey McNerthney

I can't believe this tape was just so wonderful! I gave it to my mom for her birthday, we popped in the video and my grandma, sisters, and our whole family was watching it. I was hoping that we would see some family members on the tape... but we saw something better - MY MOM WAS ON IT!!! There was footage from the 1968 Loggers Festival when my mom was crowned "Beauty Queen" (her moment of glory!). Thank you so much for making her day! That is the only footage she now has of her youth - that was so great. She can't stop talking about it!!

I didn't know that it was a video that had been erased by KOMO. What a find that was! Just knowing that it was cast aside by KOMO and you re-created it, and I happened to come across it on EBay, and it went to my mom for her birthday, and our whole family was gathered around watching it and we all got to see her exitement... it almost gives me shivers down my spine. That's a true blessing. That was great, just great, I can't even find the words to express my gratitude to you.

Thanks so much for making my mom's day. I'll never forget watching the look of excitement on her face! Thanks so much for answering my email personally! Thanks for putting out such a great product."
-- Lisa Lancaster

I got this video to supplement some research I have been doing for years on Chief Joseph.  After I bid on it, I read your description a little more closely and was surprised to see Don McCune on it.  I grew up on Captain Puget and the Windward 4.  I lived in Meadowdale all through school and watched Captain Puget almost every day after school.  It was the only kids show in Seattle that wasn't stupid.

Captain Puget had class, with his pipe and all, and the wonderful sailboat (a schooner as I recall).  When I was really young I actually thought he was on a boat, not in a studio.  I still remember some of the story telling sessions he did.

I was sorry to see on your web site that Don McCune passed away.  He was a positive influence for a lot of kids.  It will be a double pleasure to see him on the Chief Joseph video.  

I went to College at WSU and minored in film-tv-radio, and currently live in the Los Angeles area and produce and direct television programs and films.  Who knows?  When I figured out that Captain Puget wasn't really on a boat, maybe that was when I began to get intrigued with the make believe of show business."
-- Kevin, Time River Productions

It really is an honor to celebrate your husband's life...he was a lighthouse for so many of us. His spirit is alive in Alaska.
-- Dave Stroh, KTVA, Anchorage

I wanted to thank those people responsible for the Don McCune website. I grew up through high school and college occassionally catching "Exploration Northwest".  I was not a regular watcher due to an irregular life of University experiences, Marine Corps service, etc., but I can say with complete sincerity that Don always struck me as a "total class act".

Even now I think of my composite memory of him as a renaissance man: an insatiable curisoity, a humbleness that you don't commonly see in media types, and a genuine and sincere interest in people.  He's the kind of person I wished I had had as a friend.
-- Ron

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tape today (Makah History) and am so pleased!! The reason I bought the Makah Video is because I have been there.  When I was about 8 years old, my school went on a field trip. We took several cars and trucks up through the rain forest and ended up on the Makah Indian reservation.  We were there in 1975!  We stayed in the School Gym on the floor in our sleeping bags and hiked out to the site in the rain to witness part of the dig!!

You can imagine, when I saw your video, that I had to have it!!  Hopefully it will bring back some fond memories of my childhood.  The only thing I knew at the time was that I was on a long ride and the hike to Lake Ozette was painfull on my wet feet!  Little did I know we were there as history was unfolding! I am so greatful to you for keeping our heritage alive!  I look forward to possibly meeting you one day and reminiscing! Thanks so much!!
-- Kimberly

I was just the right age to enjoy Captain Puget as a child and Exploration Northwest as I got older, and Don McCune was a big influence on my life. Now it's good to see you have a package with the tape, the songs and everything else all together.  I'm looking forward to [receiving] it.  I hope you can make that T-shirt an Extra-Large as I've grown some since my Captain Puget days.
-- Tom

I received the big timber video (St.Regis, Morton, WA) and have left positive feedback.  Thanks for the fast delivery and I love the tape...I was born and raised in morton so this was a real blast from the past.
-- Don

WOW, what a surprise coming into this site!

Oh how I remember as a teen in the early seventies adjusting the rabbit ears to watch the [Exploration Northwest] show from Burnaby, B.C. Canada and learning more of BC than I ever did from School.  This is still my beloved interest.  All because of Don and his great adventures. The Pacific Northwest or the Pacific Southwest (depending on what side of the border you're on) is an absolute playground for everyone and Don was a pioneer in showing it off. THANKS DON!
-- David

It was wonderful talking to you today and ordering a copy of 'Coast Guard Sea-Air-Rescue'. I cannot thank you enough for your generous donation of the tape to the U.S.Coast Guard National Motor Lifeboat School video library. Again, Linda I enjoyed talking with you about Don, we all miss him very much.
-- Mike

Dear Linda,

Thank you for the very thoughtful letter regarding KIXI's mention of your presence at the "Christmas In Seattle" gift show. If I could share a little story with you;

Like so many of us, I am not originally from the Northwest, but came here as a transplant from the east coast.  A real city kid who in time came to realize what a magic place this is.  I became a big weekend hiker/climber,snow skier and scuba diver all after my move here.

A few years ago I saw a retrospective on Northwest local TV entertainers and they did a piece on Don and his outdoor series.  I never knew him or saw one of his broadcasts at the time they aired, yet somehow the sincerity of this man showed through as did his love of the Northwest.  I was deeply moved by what I saw of his story about outdoor life around here.  In a strange way felt an odd kinship with this person I had never met. I wish I had. I'm happy we were able to help. This remains a great place to live.  Thank you for keeping the dream alive!
-- Best Regards, Bob Brooks, Program Director, KIXI 880AM

Such a wonderful web site to have come across. I remember growing up with Captain Puget and my family always looking forward (especially my Dad, brother and myself) to watching Exploration Northwest. Thanks so much for having these available.  I'm sure I'll be purchasing more as time goes on and will let folks know about your site.
-- Richard H. Batcheldor Jr., Lake Stevens, WA

I called in my payment for the video on December 15, and it arrived in the mail on December 16. Wow! You guys are good. Everything arrived in good shape and I know these are going to be great presents! Thanks again for all your help on this.
-- Christie Vintilo