Don McCune Library

About The Don McCune Library

After Don McCune passed away in 1993, his widow Linda McCune established "The Don McCune Library" to preserve and sell to the public the audio, video, and written works produced during Don's amazing 50-year broadcast career on radio and television in Seattle, Washington and Fairbanks, Alaska at KRSC, KFAR, and KOMO.

Because Don Was an employee at KOMO TV, he had no rights to any of his work.  Linda met with the KOMO CEO and was able to acquire the video rights for the Exploration Northwest TV series and the one Captain Puget episode.

Linda's first project in 1994 was to put a dozen episodes on separate VHS cassettes. She designed the jackets using photos taken at various filming sites. By 2010, she has over 150 episodes on DVD, formatted three or four episodes per disk, with many more to come!

You can find Linda at many public events throughout the year with a booth for The Don McCune Library where she vends the products.  She also does the fulfillment for Website orders.