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Looking Back with Captain Puget

Looking Back with Captain Puget
30 minutes - $14.95

Captain Puget CD  Digitally recorded in 1992 by Don McCune, these songs were originally sung on the Captain Puget Show on KOMO TV in Seattle, aired from 1957 to 1966. Aboard the ship WINDWARD 4, Captain Puget™ sailed the northwest airwaves, singing songs of the Pacific Northwest and taking his viewers on filmed adventures around Puget Sound.

The Captain Puget Show won the national Sylvania Award in 1958 for the "Best Locally Produced Children's Show in the Nation."  The Emmys did not exist at that time; the Sylvania award was the equivalent of a national Emmy.

This album will make you want to sing along to these songs:

Blow Ye Winds
Santy Anno
The Geoduck
The Shark
The Sea Squirt
The Old Settler (Acres of Clams)
The Whale
Ode to Puget Sound
Looking Back