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Alaska's Panhandle

Alaska's Panhandle
80 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the two programs described below.

Flying Alaska's Panhandle
50 minutes - 1979

History and spectacular views of Southeast Alaska are seen as Exploration Northwest cameras board two Cessna 185 float planes on an expedition to Ketchikan and Wrangell in southeastern Alaska. A stop to fish in Humpback Lake produces lots of cutthroat trout.

Tlingit Indian Joe Williamson wears his native costume while drumming and chanting. Ruins of a Tlingit village add to the history of the area. This was originally two episodes titled “Flying Alaska's Panhandle" and "Humpback Lake."

One Man's Survival
30 minutes - 1975

Gary Anderson of Seattle recounts the dramatic, true-life story of his 38-day survival ordeal in the wilderness of northern British Columbia. Gary survived the light plane crash that claimed his father, but he had no food or matches, and only light clothing. Exploration Northwest cameras retrace his 30-mile trek down the Alsec River where, unable to go further, he built a shelter of moss and sticks and lived there until he was found by a pilot by chance. His rescue made worldwide news.