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Arctic Oil 1

Arctic Oil 1
90 minutes -$24.95

This DVD includes the three programs described below.

Long Haul North Part 1
30 minutes - 1971

  The overwhelming task of transporting supplies to Alaskas north slope and the struggle to set up a community in the vast wastelands of Prudoe Bay are seen in this Hercules Operation using 8-10 Lockheed planes working around-the-clock with 5 round-trips from Fairbanks daily.

Also, a tugboat journey during the 6-weeks that are ice-free between Point Barrow and Prudoe Bay aids the effort.

Long Haul North Part 2
30 minutes - 1971

A truck-convoy takes supplies across the Brooks Range on a 400-mile ice road from Fairbanks to Prudoe Bay in 15-days. Not open to the public, this road is traveled only by convoys carrying their own fuel, food and sleeping quarters.

Cat Train To Kugrua
30 minutes - 1978

The task of moving tons of drilling equipment to Alaskas north slope using caterpillar-treaded vehicles traveling through storms at below-zero temperatures also poses the challenge of not disturbing the natural environment. The cat train is equipped with fuel, food and sleeping quarters.