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Auto Rallies

Auto Rallies
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the three episodes described below.

Norwester Auto Rally
30 minutes - 1970

The Rainier Auto Sports Club sponsors the Norwester, a 900-mile, 3-day auto rally that tests the skills of the driver and navigator. Filmed in Washington June 1970, the original broadcast master was erased. This program was re-mastered from a film workprint and an audio-cassette recording of the narration.

Olympus Rally
30 minutes - 1973

The Puget Sound Sports Car Club sponsored the northwests first professional rally with a 2-day endurance run teetering on the edge of thousand-foot cliffs on the backroads of the Olympic Peninsula. 38 sports-car teams participated. The program was originally broadcast with the title "Olympus 400."

Olympus Rally
30 minutes - 1979

The driver keeps the car on the road and the navigator keeps it on course.  When that formula goes out the window, look out! The odds of finishing the Olympus race are 20-30%. Rally master John Nagle and driver Jim Nagle are featured. The program was originally broadcast with the title "A Ride in the Country."