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80 minutes Total - $24.95

This DVD includes the two programs described below.

Backpacking the Olympics parts 1 & 2
50 minutes · 1975

An exciting 8-day trek across the Bailey Ridge in Washington's Olympic Mountains starts at Sol Duc Hot Springs, covering the same territory as Disney filmed in its 1930's Olympic Elk feature with Herb Crisler.  Crossing Low Divide, the party travels the route of the 1890 Press expedition.  The trail ends near Lake Quinault.

Here's an excerpt from the program by writer/narrator Don McCune: “Bounded on the south by the lowlands of the Chehalis Valley, on the east by Hood Canal, on the North by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and on the West by the Pacific Ocean, Washington's Olympic Mountains stand alone, isolated from other ranges.  Dominated by the triple-crowned and glacier-clad Mount Olympus, its eastern flank parallels the upper Hoh River Canyon along a chain of peaks known as the Bailey Range, by which it is possible to cross the Olympics from north to south entirely in the high country.” This two-part program is a scenic adventure for those who hanker for the pleasures of hard-won solitude in the setting of rugged grandeur.

Backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail
30 minutes - 1977

Hikers marvel at the grandeur seen along the segment of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Canadian border to Washington's Steven's Pass Highway, named by Indians "Land of the Devil."  Crossing snowfields and shale, hikers find a spectacular wilderness experience and a not-too-difficult trail.

Here's an excerpt from the program, by writer/narrator Don McCune: "Leaving the Canadian border at Manning Park, the hikers enter the Pasayten Wilderness where they soon buckle down to the rigors of the trail.  Crossing Harts Pass on the third day, they stopped to set up another camp.  Looking back they will discover that happiness has something to do with simple things, which in the wilderness, is often cloaked in beauty.  From Hopkins Pass the Pacific Crest Trail switchbacks sharply above and west of the amphitheater contain Hopkins Lake to The Devil's Stairway." Originally aired under the title "Land of the Devil."