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80 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the two programs described below.

Canoeing the Bowron Lakes Part 1 & 2
50 minutes - 1972

This spectacular 75-mile paddle-and-portage trip through the pristine wilderness of northern British Columbia's picturesque Bowron Lakes Chain is a classic canoe trip.  The circular route traces a quadrangle formed by Bowron, Indian Point, Isaac, Lenazi, Sandy, Babcock, spectacle and Swan Lakes.

Here's an excerpt from the program, by writer/narrator Don McCune: "Five hundred miles north of the Canadian boundary, British Columbia's Caribou Country is a canoeing mecca, where outdoorsmen can discover the solitude of wilderness.  This paddle-and-portage adventure reveals the grandeur and beauty of this quadrangle of lakes in the Bowron Lakes Provincial Park where expert and novice alike can discover the solitude of wilderness in a setting of untouched grandeur." Originally aired under the KOMO title “Bowron Lake Chain Part 1 & 2."

Sea Canoes On Barkley Sound
30 minutes - 1980

A 5-day sea-canoe trip in the Broken Islands of Barkley Sound off Vancouver Island reminds canoeists of the dangers in this heavy tidal region. History of the first explorers is told as the canoeists visit Gibralter, Nettle, Effingham, Willis, Turret, Benson, Cooper, Gilbert, and Austin Islands.

Here's an excerpt from the program, by writer/narrator Don McCune: "Taking no chances, we moved the canoes well above the high-tide line after being dropped off by the Lady Rose, and found Gibralter Island a good place to camp.  Like the rest of the Broken Island Group, it is part of the Pacific Rim National Park.  Lying on the stormy West coast of Vancouver Island, The Broken Islands occupy the middle part of Barkley Sound." Originally aired under the KOMO title "Broken Islands of Barkley Sound."