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Captain Puget

Captain Puget
74 minutes - $19.95

This item is included in our Captain Puget Fan Kit - a great gift for a Captain Puget fan! See Other Products. This is not an Exploration Northwest episode.

The Captain Puget Show
30 minutes - 1957

Captain Puget DVD jacket  The Captain Puget Show sailed the television airwaves from 1957 to 1966, winning the national Sylvania Award in 1958 for the "Best Locally-Produced Children's Show in the Nation." The Emmys did not exist at that time; the Sylvania Award was the equivalent of a national Emmy today.

Captain Puget studio Aboard the studio schooner WINDWARD 4, Captain Puget™ sailed live each weekday afternoon on KOMO TV, channel 4, singing sea chanteys and taking youngsters on filmed adventures. Ivar Haglund is seen as First Mate "Salty" and Captain Puget™ wrestles an octopus underwater!

This 30-minute black-and-white program was re-created by tenderly restoring and digitizing the original 1958 kinescope, the only recorded program out of more than 2,400 live broadcasts!

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