Don McCune Library


90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the three programs described below.

Seafaring Santa
30 minutes - 1971

Cast off with a Seafaring Santa and travel by boat to visit children of British Columbia's Gulf Islands and Washington's San Juan Islands.  The 'sleigh' is a former RCMP patrol boat.  This joint effort between the Bellingham Jaycees and Victoria Jaycees is still an annual event.  Scenes filmed at Roche Harbor, Friday Harbor, Kuper Island, Telegraph Cove, and Shell Beach.

Here's an excerpt from the show by writer/narrator Don McCune: “Santa travels by boat instead of the traditional reindeer and sleigh, to bring Christmas to the remote islands off the Northwest coastline in the San Juan Islands and the Gulf Islands of Canada.  The journey of 300 frequently-storm-tossed miles encompasses 11 ports of call with over 1,000 gifts to children on both sides of a friendly border. Owned by skipper Corey Norgaard, the BLUE FJORD was once an RCMP patrol boat, built in 1939.  Her 63-foot hull is designed to accommodate the choppy seas of the inland Strait.”
Originally aired under the KOMO title “Seafarin' Santa”.

A Northwest Christmas
30 minutes - 1974

The remote North Cascades town of Winthrop, Washington, built to resemble a town of the Old West, is the setting for a special holiday adventure.  Step back in time as Exploration Northwest film “Christmas at the End of the Road”".  A family sets out in a horse-drawn sleigh to cut their Christmas tree the old-fashioned way, and then attends the school Christmas pageant. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Christmas at the End of the Road”.

Icicle Santa
30 minutes - 1976

Climb aboard Santa's sleigh (an Air National Guard cargo plane from Anchorage) as Santa visits native children from Alaska's remote villages gathered at St. Mary's Mission at the Kuskokwim River Delta near the coast of the Bering Sea.

Here's an excerpt from the show by writer/narrator Don McCune: “Wintertime air navigation does have its problems, particularly when you are playing Santa's helper in the far reaches of the 49th state. For hundreds of Eskimo and Indian kids in the remote villages of Alaska, the fact that Christmas comes a little early each year is not so much in deference to Santa's travel plans, as bad flying conditions.  For without Rudolph's magic nose, there is no way they can guarantee a safe landing when the weather closes in. This week: A look at Christmas in the frozen vastness of the Arctic where Santa's sleigh is a ski-equipped C- 123J cargo plane, flown by members of Alaska's Air National Guard.” This heartwarming Alaska adventure will fill you with Christmas spirit!