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Eastern Washington 1

Eastern Washington 1
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD contains the three programs described below.


Cascade Loop
1974  - 30 minutes

Traveling by motorhome, the film crew makes a giant loop around Washington state via Stevens Pass, through the Wenatchee Valley to the Columbia Basin and Grand Coulee Dam, then home via the North Cascades Highway.  This scenic excursion is steeped in history with scenes from the Wellington Disaster and the building of Grand Coulee Dam and loaded with grandeur.

Potholes Ecosystem
1975  - 30 minutes

A canoe trip through the coulees of the Winchester Wasteway, created by the backwaters of O'Sullivan Dam, studies the wildlife refuge in this desert irrigation project. The geological formation of E. Washington described; this region was once lush with greenery before the ice age.

River Patrol
1978 - 30 minutes

On the upper Columbia and Snake Rivers, the 13th Coast Guard District oversees boating education, law enforcement, search and rescue, with the pleasure boating public as the primary objective. They rely heavily on the Coast Guard Auxiliary, volunteers who lend a hand whenever possible.