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Eastern Washington 2

Eastern Washington 2
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD contains the three programs described below.


Colville Forest Trailride
1971 - 30 minutes

Some of Washington’s earliest recorded history took place in the NE corner of the state near Kettle Falls where the Hudson Bay Co. built Fort Colville in 1826.  By 1861 it was the second biggest trading center.  Early mining and timber history is told as McCune rides the backtrails of the Colville National Forest.

Grande Ronde Adventure
1976 - 30 minutes

Rising in the Wallowa Mts.of NE Oregon, the Grande Ronde River travels 30 miles before joining the Snake River, passing through an area of early exploration and settlement. Weather and whitewater rapids turn this raft trip adventure into an exercise in survival.

Sagebrush Trout
1977 - 30 minutes

Well-tied flies and expertly cast lines lure big trout out of an alkaline lake hidden among the sand dunes and coulees of eastern Washington's sagebrush country. Despite the high winds in that region, the crew captures lots of fishing with experts who demonstrate fly tying and casting.