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Fishing 2

Fishing 2
120 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the four episodes described below.

Juneau Salmon Derby
30 Minutes · 1976

Southeast Alaska is famous for big icebergs and big salmon! This adventure films fishing action in Juneau's Golden North Salmon Derby. Includes a trip to the ice-clogged passage of Tracy Arm for a sight-seeing trip where glaciers are seen "calving", or breaking off parts into the sea. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Icebergs and Fighting Fish."

Kenai King Salmon
30 minutes - 1980

Nearly 75% of trophy King salmon are taken from Alaska's Kenai River. This adventure sets its sights on these silver-sided giants, which often weigh over 100 pounds! The Kenai is also known for its run of big rainbow trout which the crew encounters. Originally aired under the KOMO title "Kings of the Kenai".

Salmon Fishing
30 minutes - 1978

Fishermen travel by float plane to Nahmint Bay Fishing Lodge in British Columbia's Alberni Inlet, for world-class salmon fishing. Nahmint Bay then supported a run of giant Chinooks, but heavy logging diminished runs after this filming.  Conservation efforts have been successful and salmon are returning. Originally aired under the KOMO title "Nahmint Connection".

Steelhead Fishing
30 minutes - 1973

Exploration Northwest cameras look at the unique mania that causes steelhead fishermen to spend weekends freezing on some riverbank, nerve ends jangling in anticipation of cathcing a hard-mouthed, sea-going rainbow trout.  This fishing adventure takes a look at the steelheader, who is happiest when miserable!

Here's an excerpt from the show by writer/narrator Don McCune: “Rising at the crack of dawn, the steelheader slips his rubber waders on, ignores his wife's heart-rending pleas, and sets out happily to freeze.  For sleet nor storm nor winter's wrath will near deter him from his path. Some 200,000 NW anglers are victims of this yearly affliction, which is characterized by patches of frostbite and a pronounced twitching of the motor nerves, especially those attached to the reeling hand.

Filmed on the Hoh, Stillguamish, and Snoqualmie Rivers in winter and summer. Originally aired under the KOMO title "Then there Was Steelhead".