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Great Seattle Fire

Great Seattle Fire
80 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the two programs described below.

Great Seattle Fire
30 minutes - 1960

This 1960 black-and-white production documents the 1889 fire that devastated Seattle. Interviews with two eyewitnesses of the fire bring history to life! Produced in the first year of the series, this program aired under the original series title Expedition Northwest. The show is also a study in early television production.

Exploration Northwest 20th Year Anniversary Show
50 minutes - 1980

This 20th Anniversary Special of Exploration Northwest recaps the history of this phenomenal TV series that began in 1960 and ran for 21 years, earning 26 Emmy Awards! Clips from programs, behind-the-scenes footage, and humorous out-takes make this program a MUST for an Exploration Northwest fan!