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Hunting 2

Hunting 2
120 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the four programs described below.

30 minutes - 1978

A look at the ancient sport of archery is featured as Exploration Northwest cameras follow bowmen on a mule deer hunt at Tanum Creek near Cle Elum, on the eastern flank of Washington's Cascade Mountains. Their hunt illustrates the skills of scouting and tracking. Also, champion archers display their skill and latest equipment at a state tournament. Robin Hood notwithstanding, Sherwood Forest would be hard-pressed to contain even a fraction of today's band of archers. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Bowbenders at Tanum Creek”.

Caribou Hunting
30 minutes - 1969

caribou group

Clint McCune, Don McCune's youngest son, who is an actor and musician, recorded the narration for this remastered program.

This caribou hunt was filmed near Smithers, B.C. under threatening skies. Packers Lefty and Billie Gardner take caribou hunters into the rugged back country of British Columbia's Telkwa Mountain Range, which offers some of the best hunting in the northwest. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Red Sky in the Morning”.

Deer Hunting
30 Minutes - 1980

The history and heritage of the mountain man comes to life on this deer hunt using powder muzzle loaders in Washington's Colville area. A visit to a "Mountain Man Rendezvous" at Camus Meadows near Blewitt Pass in the Cascade Mountains adds vivid detail about the life of the first explorers and fur traders in the northwest region. Game management efforts are also explained. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Black Powder People”.

Elk Hunting
30 minutes - 1972

Wapiti, the Indian name for the Elk of eastern Washington, are the stars of this horseback adventure into some of Washington's most rugged terrain. Exploration Northwest cameras follow two elk hunters as they set up their winter camp west of Yakima on the north fork of Rattlesnake Creek and hunt with horses in deep snow.

 A fall hunt in the Blue Mountains adds adventure. The Washington State Game Department's efforts to provide an elk feeding station are also chronicled. Year-round film footage shows the Washington State Game Department's efforts to maintain the population of the elk herds. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Wapiti”.