Don McCune Library


90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD contains the three programs described below.

Skyline Trout
1973 – 30 minutes

Idaho high lake

The crew travels to a northern Idaho high-mountain lake where McCune explains that the weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous but someone forgot to tell the fish we were coming! But you’ll see lots of fishing action as McCune remembers numerous adventures where the fish were plentiful.

Salmon River Run
1976 – 30 minutes

The middle fork of Idaho’s Salmon River provides a true wilderness experience as rafters begin their 6-day float trip at Indian Creek Guard Station and experience some of the liveliest white-water in Idaho’s ‘river of no return.’

Canoes on the Clearwater
1971 – 30 minutes

Narrated by Clint McCune

Don on the Clearwater The Exploration Northwest crew makes an historic last canoe trip down the north fork of Idaho’s Clearwater River just before Dworshak Dam closes its gates to flood the river canyon. Excerpts from a 1962 Exploration Northwest episode of the last Potlatch Log Drive on the Clearwater adds historic logging detail.