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Katmai, AK

Katmai, AK
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD contains the three programs described below.

Mt. Katmai Climb
1975 - 30 minutes

Join the hike through "The Valley of the 10,000 Smokes" in Alaska's Katmai National Monument and see the incinerated remains of the 1912 eruption of Mt. Katmai. Lunar astronauts trained here. And if you have strength left, climb Mt. Katmai with the film crew to view the caldera!

Katmai Kayaks
1975 – 30 minutes

A kayak expedition in Alaska’s Katmai National Monument travels through a chain of lakes, down the Savonoski River, across Iliac Arm of Naknek Lake to the town of Brooks River while testing new designs in outdoor gear including Klepper Kayaks and Eddie Bauer supplies. The area lives up to its wildlife reputation with rainbow trout, sockeye salmon and the Alaska brown bear.

Chart the Uncharted
1976 - 30 minutes

The treacherous and remote area of the Shelikof Straits at the southern peninsula of Alaska is finally charted by NOAA’s hydrographic vessel Fairweather .