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Mt. Adams Climb

Mt. Adams Climb
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the three programs described below.

Mount Adams Part 1
30 minutes - 1972

The Flying L Guest Ranch is the headquarters for the Mt. Adams Wilderness Institute, headed by Darvel and Darryl Lloyd who teach glaciology, geology, climbing basics and the history of the mountain. The 70-mile, 2-week trek takes them from Bird Creek Meadows on the SE side and continues clockwise.

Mount Adams Part 2
30 minutes - 1972

Climbers visit the isolated east side before the climb to high camp at Sunrise. The attempt to summit via Mazama Glacier took them to within 1,000 feet of the 12,326-foot summit before rain and heavy fog forced them to retreat. The adventure includes archival photos of earlier climbs and spectacular aerials.

Looking Back: The Life Of Don McCune
30 minutes - 1993

This KOMO-TV special, hosted by Dick Foley, looks at Don McCune's remarkable 50-year broadcast career with clips from The Captain Puget Show, Challenge and Exploration Northwest. Includes interviews of film crew and family, and some humorous out-takes from Exploration Northwest.

Even though Don had retired from KOMO 12 years earlier, KOMO TV produced this the week Don died in response to the flood of calls from fans.