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Nez Perce Indians

Nez Perce Indians
100 minutes - $24.95

Over a 13-year period (1965-1977), members of the National Appaloosa Horse Club re-traced the route that the Nez Perce Indians followed on their historic flight for freedom in 1877. The Exploration Northwest crew documented three of the 100-mile segments. The history of each battle with the General Howard’s troops is told as riders pass those sites.

Nez Perce Trail Parts 1 & 2
50 minutes - 1966

In 1966, cameras followed riders on the second stretch of 100-mile segments beginning in Grangeville, Idaho with scenes of its annual Border Days celebration, then to Cottonwood and Kamiah, Idaho. Along the Snake River they find ancient petroglyphs, made by early man thousands of years ago, before heading out of the river canyon over Lolo Pass. The ride culminates at the site of the Big Hole battlefield. This program was restored from digital transfers of the original film and soundtrack and has not been broadcast in 40 years.

Nez Perce Indians Parts 1 & 2
50 minutes - 1973 & 1977

In 1973, riders followed the route the Nez Perce took through Yellowstone Park, eluding more than 2,000 Cavalry troops. Then in 1977, one century later, riders trace the final leg of the 1300-mile odyssey to the site of Chief Joseph's surrender in Bear Paw, Montana, just miles from sanctuary in Canada. The emotional surrender is re-enacted by cavalry in uniform and Indians on Appaloosa horses as McCune recites Chief Joseph’s famous words.