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North Cascades

North Cascades
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the three programs described below.

North Cascades Highway
30 minutes - 1972

A much-needed, northern Washington mountain-pass highway was finally completed in 1972. Exploration Northwest cameras document the four-year construction project, telling the history of the trails that were used for hundreds of years, and the many routes that were proposed proposed before the final decision was made.

Eagle Recovery
30 minutes - 1980

Released in 1999 for Woodland Park's 100th Anniversary in Seattle, this is a heart-warming story of the Park's continuing efforts, still going on today, to return injured eagles to the wild. The Eagle Release project has received over 200 injured eagles and returned almost half back to their native habitat. Originally aired under the KOMO title “State of the Eagle”.

Rock Climbing
30 minutes · 1976

In this Emmy-winning episode, Exploration Northwest cameras follow two expert rock climbers up 600 feet of sheer rock to the peak of the Golden Horn Pinnacle (elevation 7400 feet) in Washington's Cascade Mountains, taking a route never-before climbed. They demonstrate their free-climbing skill on this spire rated at 5.8. Rain makes the rocks slippery and they struggle to get to their bivouac ledge. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Golden Horn Pinnacle”.