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Rodeos & Games

Rodeos & Games
90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD contains the three programs described below.

Ellensburg Days
1973 - 30 minutes

Action, adventure and an unexpected confrontation with an angry bull mark this account of the 1973 Ellensburg Rodeo along with the Ellensburg Parade, western art auction, ceremonial dances by the Yakima Indians and some western night life at Stuart Anderson’s ranch.

New Wild West
1977 - 30 minutes

For thousands of kids across the country, rodeo is more than a word. For some it’s a glory ride on the wheel of fortune where brawn and skill go hand-in-hand with Lady Luck! The National High School Rodeo Association is the largest rodeo in the United States and this adventure documents the organization’s finals competition in Helena, Montana.

1976 - 30 minutes

Gymkhana is a term used on the east coast and the UK to describe an equestrian event consisting of timed games for horses and riders. In the NW, the more common name is Omaksee, a Native American word meaning games on horseback. Whatever you call it, this Interstate Games Meet between Washington and Oregon in 1976 is filled with riders racing the clock to determine which state has the best games horses.