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This DVD includes the two programs described below.

30 minutes - 1977

sasquatch The Exploration Northwest crew documents the pro's and con's of the Sasquatch controversy. The famous 1967 Bluff Creek "Patterson" footage is analyzed by expert anthropologists who give opposing views. A visit to the Mt. Baker region yields huge footprints found by a hunter after an encounter, and McCune talks with bigfoot-researcher John Green.

Here's an excerpt from the program, by writer/narrator Don McCune: “The encounter had taken place in heavy brush, and other than a series of high-pitched screams and an overwhelming stench, the animal had failed to reveal itself. According to Rod Puller, however, who has had considerable experience as an outdoorsman and hunter, what he had heard was unlike anything he had ever heard before. And what he had seen imprinted in the ground next to the streambed was definitely not the track of a bear.”

Washington State Patrol Trooper Mark Pittinger: “The animal came down the hill, traveling along in here. It took one step from the shoulder to approximately the centerline, another step from centerline to the shoulder, climbing diagonally up this embankment [across the road] here. At no time did it drop to all fours or anything like that. It just walked diagonally on two legs up to the top of the hill.” Originally aired under the KOMO title “Sasquatch Syndrome”.

John Green
50 minutes - 2003

John Green Author, Canadian journalist and Bigfoot investigator John Green speaks at the 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium at Willow Creek, California about his 44 years of research. His presentation begins with video from his 1977 Exploration Northwest interview. Green's presentation is copyrighted by BFRO and used by permission from cinematographer Richard Noll. For additional fascinatin