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Skiing 1

Skiing 1
90 minutes - $24.95

Crystal Ski Patrol
30 minutes - 1976

At Crystal Mountain the 17-member Ski Patrol checks the 160 avalanche chutes in the early morning hours before skiers are allowed on the slopes. They also train in search and rescue techniques in avalnche conditions. Voice-overs feature Bill Steel and Diane Citron.

Powder Pigs
30 minutes - 1979

Skiers ages 5 through 11 are featured in this ski school episode filmed at Snoqualmie Pass with lead instructor Petter Ring. The second half was filmed at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood where ski instructors teach ski instructors the best techniques.

Cross-Country Skiing
30 minutes - 1980

Cross-country skiiers are nearly trapped by a sudden blizzard deep inside Washington's Mount Baker wilderness during a several-day adventure. Winter storms are known to attack the glacier-carved uplift of Mount Baker with sudden and decisive irregularity. Carl, Gordon and Lowell Skoog are featured with kudos to the cameramen and soundman for getting the story.