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90 minutes - $24.95

This DVD includes the 3 programs shown below!

Sailors of the Sky
30 minutes - 1971

The 1971 US Standard Soaring Championships held in Ephrata, Washington featured 65 sailplanes and some of the finest pilots in the country. Winning an Emmy Award for documentary excellence, this episode reveals the careful planning of pilot details for a successful glider flight.

High and Wild
30 minutes - 1976

The Vancouver Soaring Association hosts the Boeing Soaring Club in Hope, British Columbia where gliders soar the scenic ridges of the Fraser River Canyon. Back on the ground, Brigade Day Festivities are seen.

Hang Gliding
30 minutes - 1976

Broadcast originally under the title of “Hang Four”, reflecting the #4 rating of Dog Mountain near Glenoma, Washington. This adventure shows the 1500-foot vertical drop -- with a landing area adjacent to a man-made lake -- that provides an excellent site for the 1976 National Hang Gliding Championships.