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Trailriding 1

This DVD includes the three programs described below.

North Cascades Trailride
30 minutes - 1968

Outfitter Jack Wilson takes the film crew by horseback from Early Winters Ranch near Winthrop, Washington. They camp and fish the Hidden Lakes, ride to Tatoosh Buttes, and cross Sheep Mountain in a 75-mile loop that shows the incredible scenery of the North Cascades.

Waptus Lake Trailride
30 minutes - 1969

A high-lakes fishing trip to Michael Lake and Deep Lake in Washington's central Cascade mountains via horse-back in August. As luck would have it, this turned out to be the 5 wettest days on record. This show is dedicated to everyone having endured the same kind of luck. This show is dedicated to all who have ever undergone a similar fate, and is one of our most-requested Exploration Northwest episodes! Originally aired under the KOMO title “Big Rain-In”.

Colville Forest Trailride
30 minutes · 1971

Some of Washington's earliest recorded history took place in the northeast corner of the state near Kettle Falls where the Hudson Bay Company built Fort Colville in 1826. By 1861 it was the second biggest trading center. Includes early photographs. Early mining and timber history is told as McCune rides the backtrails of the Colville National Forest on this 4-day outing. Originally aired under the KOMO title “Northeast Corner”.